The sensation of nostalgia has always been our Achilles heel, remembering how life was during a particular time, what it felt like, what it smelled like, what it looked like. Giving us a sense of closure and emotional prowess to move forward.

Mrs. Modupe Florence Ogunyemi, born in 1938 and passed away in 2015. She was born into a poor family in a vibrant part of South Nigeria during british colonization, she grew up like every other young Nigerian teenager during that era - listening to Highlife, a genre of music characterized by jazzy horns and multiple guitars, going to british church and worshipping the british God before getting married into a horrible polygamous family and bearing five children.

The new Wekafore collection is poem about and to Florence, re-imagining her adolescent life with the memories he has of her. Memories of kindness, strength, warmth and patience.

Using her point of view to take a glance into the post-colonization funk, disco and Afro-rock subculture, in an attempt to document the past and present of African ‘pop culture’ and pioneer the future of it.