Festac Town



January 1977 marked one of the greatest moments in the history of arts & culture, as the Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture took place in Lagos City, Nigeria. A cultural jamboree celebrating Negritude and Pan-Africanism all across the city, from the national theatre to a place now known as Festac Town.

Once a symbol of pride, excellence, love, kindness, togetherness and strength now stands as a broken ghetto corrupted by drugs, poverty, crime and just plain old abandonment by the government.

oh festac village what has happened to you, have we forgotten about you all too soon

The new Wekafore collection is fervently based on the romanticisation of post-independence west-african funk, disco sub-culture circa 1970-1977 as documented by legendary photographers like Malick Sidibe, Seydou Keita and James Barnor. Africans and Africans in diaspora.