Wekaforé Maniu Jibril, born in Lagos city, Nigeria into a family of craftsmen. An architect father, a textile manufacturer as a mother and a grandfather who was a poor tailor in the Ogori village. Growing up in suburban Nigeria, shuffling between street-football in the nearby slums and helping his mother out at the workshop was a daily activity.  He got his first introduction to style/fashion at 10years old when his father taught him how to re-stitch and press-iron his school trousers. His family moved to Dubai, UAE in September 2007 after their Lagos home was destroyed to a fire. Living in the Ajman, UAE as an African family with no main source of income was difficult, he recalls living in room with a family of six people, being racially discriminated in an Indian school and being thrown out of school. A 'By Wekafore' imprint was launched in May 2013 with a capsule collection titled 'Welcome to Black' produced in Deira, Dubai.


The Wekafore brand was created in-respect to the work of his grandfather who lived and died in the village and never got the chance to see fashion in city life. Fervently based on celebrating and re-incarnating the forgotten glories of that era in Lagos and other west-african cities alike after colonisation. Wekaforé’s design idiom explores on the re-interpretation of urban african style prior to Americanisation. Delicately mixing an array of fabrics and placing subtle feminine elements into comfortably-active ready to wear men's clothing and finding beauty in masculine femininity with womenswear. Retracting black masculinity and femininity in the city life to its early days.

Wekafore hopes to develop a unique aesthetic based on nostalgia and the reinvention of negritude, as seen through the lenses of legendary African photographers like Malick Sidibe & Seydou Keita, Showcasing and educating the public to a different side to black African culture that has been forgotten, they hope to use sleek African tailoring with a 1970's street sensibility to re-visit this era, expand it and tell a new Wekafore story of the beauty within the struggle.